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Tomato Plants
Cherry, Grape & other small Tomatoes

 Grape Hybrid 75 days. Semi-determinate.  Thin skinned and juicy.  Small gourmet tomatoes in clusters of 16 to 40 fruits.

 Black Cherry  65 days. Indeterminate.  Round cherry with classic black tomato flavor.  Sweet yet rich and complex.  Abundant harvest of these 1 inch cherries.


Green Zebra: indeterminate. Small Green and yellow striped. 2 1/2 inches . Sweet but tangy.

Yellow Pear   78 days. Indeterminate.  Vigorous 2 inch bottle shaped fruits. Prolific old timer, often used to make tomato jams.

Sweet Pea. 55 days.  Indeterminate.  Currant tomato.  Pea size fruits, 1/4 inch in diameter, possess a crunchy, fruity flavor ideal for salads or snacks. This is a really cute plant for containers.

 Snow White: 75 days. Indeterminate.  Pale yellow cherries.  A good sweet one to snack on. 

 Sun Gold Hybrid:  57 days. Indeterminate.  Very sweet, dark orange gold.  The very earliest of all my tomatoes and the last to quit.  Super sweet and fruity. I plant these every year.



 Super Sweet 100 Hybrid VF:  65 days. Indeterminate.  Staked plants produce long strands of 100 or more super sweet red cherry tomatoes.  1 inch in size.  High in vitamin C.  Very prolific.


Other small cherry tomatoes available:

Juliet: like a small paste tomato in a large cherry size

Patio Choice Yellow: compact, good for pots.

Rapunzel Red Cherry: long trusses of sweet 1 inch fruits.

Sweet Baby Girl: a good red sweet cherry

Sweetie: red 1 1/2 inch cherry