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Dana's Flower & Garden Place
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2021   Dana's Garden Place is a retail greenhouse facility open seasonally  this year from about March 15 thru September 30.   It is located on PA Route 97, 8 miles South of Gettysburg, Pa. and 1 1/2 miles North of Littlestown, Pa.  in South-central Pennsylvania on the Mason/Dixon line

November thru Dec 15 hours:

11-3 fridays for house plants, seasonal plants and wind chimes

Call for appointment or if you are passing by. If we are here we can open for you.

{717-359-4174 or Danas cell 717-502-2130}

 call if you need something. Maybe we can help.



Mailing Address:  Dana's Flower & Garden Place, 4855 Baltimore Pike, Littlestown, Pa 17340

Phone Number:  717-359-4174

Email:  danjoflo@gmail.com


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Dana's Flower & Garden Place business number 717-359-4174.

email: danjoflo@gmail.com

address: 4855 Baltimore Pike, Littlestown, Pa 17340   (route 97, 8 miles S of Gettysburg, Pa)