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pruning tips for hydrangea


Pruning:  Mopheads,  and Lacecaps.  These traditionally   bloom on old wood. Many new varieties also bloom on new wood.  In the spring, only remove all dead stems.  These are the ones that do not sprout.  If your bushes are getting too thick, up to 1/3 of the older stems can be cut down to the ground in the summer.  To tidy and neaten up the bush- you can cut it in June or July-never August.  It is also OK to cut long stems on your fresh cut stems for bouquets in June or July.

Pruning:  Paniculatas(late summer bloomers) and Arborescens(Annabelle) types.  Prune in the winter or right before Spring.  I like to have my pruning done by the time new growth is 1-2 inches long. Paniculatas can be whacked back pretty hard then.  Annabelle should be just shaped up and thinned out if too thick.


 Hydrangea Tips