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Beefsteak Tomatoes-Pink

 German Johnson (Jim Benton's Variety).  80 days.  Indeterminate.  Regular leaf.   One of my Mom's customers brought us the seed over 35 years ago.  Dark pink and very large, these can't be beat for old fashioned tomato taste.  Very sweet and meaty.  They average 4-5 inches across.  This has always been Dana's own personal favorite for tomato sandwiches.




Giant Belgium.  82-90 days.  Indeterminate.  Huge, dark pink, 1.5-3 lb. average, can grow to 5 lbs.  Smooth blossom end, mild flavor, low acid. solid meat, late  season. Super sweet.

 Mexico.  80 days.  Indeterminate.  Very large plants have an excellent set of huge, dark red/pink fruit with outstanding  taste.  Expect steady, continuous production of tomatoes that weigh 1 lb or more throughout the growing season.  This family heirloom was brought into the U.S. by a Mexican family living in the Midwest.   It really makes a big plant and a lot of really big perfect tomatoes.

Brandywine.  Indeterminate.  This large dark pink potato leaf variety dates back to the 1880's  Vigorous indeterminate plants. Fruits weigh up to 1 1/2 lbs. Delicious flavor.