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More Hot Pepper Plants

 Peter Pepper.  90 days.  Grown as much for its unusual appearance as for its culinary value.  Pods are 4-6 inches long, thin walled and moderately hot.  They make interesting additions to mixed pickle and are very good dried for chili powder. Plants grow 20-30 inches tall.  (not available this season)

 Mucho Nacho Hybrid.  70 days.  Jumbo jalapeno that is bigger, fatter and a bit  hotter.  Very vigorous plants produce lots of 4 inch fruits. Usually used green, but ripens to red at maturity.  This one sets fruit a week earlier than other Jalapenos.

 Aji Dulce #2. 85-90 days.  Looks just like a Habanero, but only has the tiniest bit of heat.  This is a tropical pepper with the aromatic essence and flavor that you need for a tropical salsa or marinade.  It is citrus-y and tangy.  I added some to a pineapple/orange  marmalade this summer that was really good.  

 Medusa. Ornamental Pepper.  Narrow, twisted, 2 1/2 inch long peppers stand upright above small plants, in a stunning display of color-ivory to yellow, orange, and bright red.  Plants grow only 6 to 8 inches tall.  Medusa is wonderful for planting in landscape borders as well as for growing in small containers.  Non-pungent .


 We also have this season

Habanero :  the classic hot hot hot of the tropics.