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Oxheart Tomatoes
Heirloom Varieties

 Amish Paste. 74 days. Indeterminate.  This is a great tomato, producing up to 12oz size heavy, paste type tomatoes.  Most are medium to large size, with an oblong heart shape.  It is just a nice, big fat Italian type tomato that grows on a really big, sprawling plant.  Be sure to stake it or cage it. The best thing about it is that it produces even in really bad tomato weather. This one never lets me down. I plant one or two every year.  Flavor is pretty good for a past type, so it makes rich flavored sauces.  Amish heirloom from the turn of the century.

Hungarian Pink Oxheart: more productive than many oxhearts. Very nice size with sweet flavor and few seeds. Expect a good harvest of these beauties. A Danas favorite.

Admiraltey Serdste (Admiral Heart) : Jumbo size bright red oxheart type with few seeds.