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Paste Type Tomatoes
Great for Sauces and Canning

 Amish Paste.  85 days.  Amish heirloom produces a quantity of large and medium large size red paste tomatoes.  These are great for sauces or canning. A good big, fat, Italian tomato.  Stake or cage it because the stalk gets really big.  One of my personal favorites.


 Health Kick VFFA Hybrid. 74 days.  Determinate.  50% more Lycopene than other tomatoes.  Besides being good for you, these plum shaped tomatoes are extra fat and large, 4-6 oz. and excellent for salads or cooking.  Disease resistant.  These really produce.

Incas Hybrid  is another excellent determinate variety. Very solid and firm this one is also good for salsa fresh or canned. Also good for sauces.

 Opalka.  75 days.  Indeterminate.  This giant paste type has really good flavor.  The taste is much sweeter and richer than the smaller roma types. They are at least 5 inches long and extremely meaty.  This is a really great Polish heirloom.  One of Danas best sellers!

 Pony Express: Hybrid

A fast growing determinate that sets the majority of its fruit in a short space of time. Excellent for those canning and sauce projects. Our absolute best paste type tomato.

Fat Mama Paste  heirloom, huge bright red plum, 3 1/2 x5", 10 oz, very sweet, indeterminate, 78 days.

 San Marzano Gigante   very large similar to Opalka. 5 -6 inch long nice red paste tomatoes.

San Marzano and Roma  are the heirloom paste varieties we carry for 3 1/2 inch  bright red paste tomatoes

These are offered in 6 Oaks as well as singles.