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Sweet Pepper Plants

 California Wonder.  Heirloom 75 days.  High yields and extra large fruit have made this the most popular open pollinated sweet bell pepper. They grow 4 inches long and 4 inches wide, with crisp thick walls and good taste.  They start out green and turn red if on the stalk long enough.

 Golden Bell Sweet  73 days.  Great production of 4 inch by 4 inch  thick-walled, meaty and sweet peppers.  Golden yellow at full maturity.


Orange Bell. 73 days. starts green and turns vivid orange

 Carmen Hybrid.  2006 All-America Selections Winner.  75 days.  Sweet Italian bull's horn type of pepper which matures at least a week earlier than other similar types.  Beautiful 6 inch long and 2 1/2 inches wide.

This is one awesome pepper. In the 2020 season Dana grew these instead of bells and had loads of delicious sweet as an apple peppers. We chopped them up (because there were too many) and froze them. We have used these all winter anyplace you would use chopped fresh peppers. Yes even in salads. The flesh is not as thick as a bell pepper so they still have good texture after thawing.


Lunch Box Peppers. small 3 inch sweet. turns color early. Very easy for pots or garden.


Sweet Banana. 2 inch wide x 6-8 inches long  yellow ripens to red.  Good for fresh use or cooking.

Giant Aconcagua. 70 days.  Jumbo 10 inches  easy to grow banana long peppers

Jimmy Nardello. Italiennelle.   80 days.  Although actually a frying pepper, these are so sweet it is hard to get them to the kitchen without eating them.  Absolutely delicious, bright red when ripe, 6-8 inches long.  Wonderful for stir fries.

Jumbo Bell Peppers

Big Bertha . 71 days.    green turns red

Monster Yellow 70 days.  green turns yellow  8 inch  x 4 inch

 King Arthur Hybrid.  72 days. Jumbo  4-5 inch perfect square green and red fruit when ripe.  This is our favorite sweet bell for its ease of growing and beautiful fat peppers.