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Yellow Tomatoes


 Golden Sunshine 71 days. Determinate.  Medium fruits, with deep yellow gold color. Vigorous, medium tall plants should be staked.  A good performer. My sister started saving these 3 years ago, probably from a hybrid, but it grows out the same each year. Very dependable.


 Snow White.  75 days.  Indeterminate.  Actually a pale yellow, very sweet little cherry tomato.  So good you will eat them right from the vine.  Not quite as sugary as Sungold, but they are absolutely delicious.


Kellogg's Breakfast.  80-85 days.  This is another great extra large dark orange gold heirloom. Wonderful size and flavor. A very good grower and quite popular.

Gold Medal: Very large and more productive than many of the big yellow beefsteaks. Yellow with a touch of pink on the bottom. Superb flavor. One of Dana's all time favorites for its dependability.

 Pineapple.  85 days.  Indeterminate.  Enormous fruits look like a big yellow beefsteak. Cut into it and it has beautiful pink streaks up through the center. Super sweet and low acid, these grow at least 5 inches across.  This photo shows more red skin than I find in them. Mine usually look more yellow.  An awesome tomato!


Northern Lights.  75 days. Indeterminate.  a bicolor that is earlier than Pineapple with the same luscious sweet.  Size is smaller, only 8-12 oz, making a more modest size. These are fantastic. Very productive. 


Mr Stripey. 85 days. Indeterminate. It looks like Pineapple in size but many prefer the taste.  


All 3 of our Bicolors are low acid and very sweet.

 Sungold Hybrid. 57 days. Indeterminate.  WOW!  What a cherry tomato! I simply cannot say enough good things about this little gem.  It is my first tomato ripe and my last tomato in the fall.  They are  super sweet as sugar and are the reason I can't stand to eat cherries and grape tomatoes from the grocery store.

Big Lemon:  this is another one of those surprises. It is very large, meaty and good flavored. Customer, Mike Haas was fortunate enough to find this beauty .  This is a wonderful yellow beefsteak variety.